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. . . the business that lets you help others while helping yourself.   One-third of all proceeds from the sales on this website go to help the women - and therefore the families - of Kenya.  Please check out the Helping Others page for more information.  As of December 2006, we have made it possible for two families to get tanks that will catch life-sustaining rainwater!  No more parasite-invested, dirty pond water.

Jewelry designs are one of a kind, handmade with love and care.  They're designed to be affordable and yet raise a little money.  All women, regardless of income or financial situation, should have the ability to enjoy and wear pretty things.  Materials used range from glass beads to natural stones and gems with silver and gold accents.

Please check out the Women's Co-op Site to see the work of some exciting Pacific Northwest Artists, who have also volunteered 1/3 of their proceeds to help the women of Kenya. 

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Women's Co-Op
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Check out the SPECIAL OFFER for a FREE gift to say THANKS!